FACT (Family and child treatment)



FACT has also worked closely with University of Phoenix Master’s level students to provide comprehensive training opportunities. Working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and social worker, the purpose of the internship program is to provide a broad range of clinical, theoretical and training experiences for students and interns to equip them for a broad range of professional roles and opportunities, including private practice, counseling, hospital jobs or even administrative and leadership positions.

The goal is to challenge students to think deeply about the profession of counseling and to assist them in developing a broad understanding of human behavior and effective interventions for lasting change. FACT is unique in terms of its commitment to students and their training and the willingness to invest in the future of the therapeutic community in Las Vegas.

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FACT has been in the Las Vegas community for over 26 years and during that time it has evolved into a premiere training site for students and interns seeking licensure. FACT has developed partnerships with the UNLV social work, education and marriage and family therapist programs over the years and, more recently, has developed collaboration with the UNLV Doctoral Clinical Psychology program.

Internship Quotes:

"FACT provides a wonderful training experience. There are many different programs at FACT, so there are opportunities to get experience with a variety of populations and treatment modalities. The environment is very supportive and a great deal of attention is given to students' and interns' professional development. I have seen tremendous growth in my clinical skills since I began at FACT, and I am inspired and motivated to continue to improve these skills. I have truly enjoyed my experience here and I give this site my heartiest recommendation."  -Kendra Tracy, UNVL Doctoral Practicum Student